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Regulations and Licence Application

We offer fully tailored service package for your Online gambling licence Romania application. Our approach is to start with understanding your product portfolio and technical capabilities. We provide services not only for application documentation preparation in front of the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN), but also assist with the localisation of technical literature and corporate information. Our experts can work along with your compliance team or perform the role of such one in front of the local authorities.

Government Relations

We help you develop and execute a government relations strategy with key partners, institutions, government bodies and associations in Romania. We research and conduct analysis of the implications of current and future policies related to online gambling in Romania, analyse relevant market changes and competitors. Our experts also can help you not only monitor the current status quo, but also plan and execute strategies and action steps on online gambling policy related changes.


Compliance and Legal Assistance

We work with leading legal partners specialising in online and offline gambling law in Romania. Based on your requirements, we can provide assistance with the localisation and notary verification of your online gambling licence Romania application documents.  We provide diverse services among which legal representation, law consultation or recommendations on your commercial strategy, and many more services to get your business live.

Market Analysis

Our market experts provide up-to-date gambling industry intelligence on the market drivers, competitors benchmarketing, SWOT and PEST analysis, market share insights, industry trends, economic drivers and verticals – online gambling licence holders need to kick-off operations.  We can work with your marketing teams to prepare your market entry strategies, marketing plans and campaigns to execute your product launch on the local market.

Key Facts

Online Gambling Licence Romania

Regulated Market Overview

Online Gambling

Romanian Online Gambling Market is regulated and is open to both local and foreign operators, provided that they comply with the regulatory requirements. There is no restriction on the number of issued licences. Gambling advertising is allowed but regulated.


  • 16% GGR on online gambling
  •  Documentation analysis fee: EUR 2,500
  • Licence Issuance Fee: EUR 8,500/year/licence

Regulated Online Gambling Products

  • lottery games – traditional/remote games (both are placed under the legal monopoly of the National Company “Loteria Romana”);
  • betting – traditional/remote games, including those involving:
    (i) mutual betting;
    (ii) fixed-odds betting; and
    (iii) betting exchange;
  • casino games – traditional and remote games
  • poker games
  • bingo and keno games
  • tombola
Approved Licensed Operators

Online Gambling operators in Romania

Among the approved operators are Netbet, Winmasters, Stanleybet, Betfair, 888, eFortuna, Sportingbet, Unibet, Pokerstars and many more. The full list of all online gambling operators, affiliates and software providers could be found here.

Romania Country Facts


Romania, located in southeast Europe, is dominated by the Carpathian mountains in the north and centre of the country. The main feature in the south is the vast Danube valley which becomes a delta as it approaches the Black Sea. Its capital is Bucharest. Romania’s GDP is €160.3 billion. Neighbouring countries Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova, and Ukraine.


Romania has a population of 21m, where the age structure of over 18 yrs is as follows:

  • 15-24 years: 10.76%
  • 25-54 years: 45.97%
  • 55-64 years: 12.8%
  • 65 years and over: 16.07%

GDP per capita is €8,530.

Romania has 54.6%% urban population. Some of the biggest cities are Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Iași, Constanța, Craiova, Brașov and others. There are 41 administrative counties, and each holds its own administrative governing city. When considering entering the Romanian market, companies should plan strategically their geographic coverage and should cater to the regional requirements.
Online Gambling Laws

When you explore an online gambling licence Romania you need to know that the online gambling is regulated by multiple laws, with the leading ones:

Mobile penetration

Mobile penetration in Romania is 107%, where the dominating model is subscription. The main mobile operators are Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote.

Internet penetration

According to, in 2016 Romania has 11,236,186 internet users. This is 58 % of the total population.

Romanian telecoms regulator ANCOM’s made a decision in November, 2015 to deregulate the wholesale market for local broadband access network services.

While the capital has 82% superfast broadband coverage no other area has better than 60%.  The more urban provinces mostly have between 60% and 35% with most of the rest of the country between 30% and 20%.  The exception is the far north-eastern province, Botosani, with only 9%.

VDSL reaches 17% of Romanian homes, while FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) solutions cover 13% of Romanian homes.


Search Engine Market

Romania Search engine usage statistics report that ranks Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Jeeves and other search engines. According to 2014 statistics, Google search engine ranks first with the usage of about 95.56%, Yahoo ranks second with 1.85%, Bing ranks third with 1.29%, Ask Jeeves ranks fourth with 0.87% and the remaining search engine holds 0.43% of total share in the search market.

Online Gambling Regulation

The regulation of online gambling in Romania came into force in 2015.

The application process for online licence requires operators to certify their products with accredited testing laboratories. The approved list of testing labs includes:

  • Romania Institute of Metrology
  • GLI Europe B.V.
  • eGaming Compliance Services Limited (eCogra)
  • SIQ, Ljubljana
  • NMi Metrology and Gaming Limited
  • Gaming Associates UK Ltd.
  • Institute for Testing and Certification, Czech Republic
  • Quinel M. LimitedGaming Associations
  • RGA

More Than Online Gambling Licence Solution

We provide tailored answers to your challenges: Legal, Marketing, Business Development or Outsourcing

Online Gambling licence Romania

Product Portfolio Customisation

Sportsbook, casino, arcade, slots or mobile apps – we can help you decide and customise the most suitable product portfolio for the Romanian market. Our experts can source and manage the full product localisation process, including your sales marketing package and branding.

Customer Strategy and Marketing

We specialise in providing go-to-market strategy for the operators with Online gambling licence Romania.  PPC, Email Marketing, Online Brand Reputation, Social Media Marketing, SEO / SEM – we manage your marketing strategy for Romania.  We use customer insights and segmentation, to build your marketing and brand strategy, to deliver coherent product experience.

Marketing Strategy and Optimisation - Online Gambling licence Romania
Brand Identity - Online Gambling licence Romania

Brand Identity & Experience

Complete solutions for brand identity and management which enable you to engage your customers. Brand strategy and management, let us help you reach out to you customers in their language. Online Gambling Licence Romania requires you to provide services in Romanian and we can give you a hand with delivering a true local voice with outstanding USPs. Stories, sponsorship activations, concepts – we like a challenge.


Tailor-made solutions that match your business needs to capture your market share in Romania. We can complement you Online Gambling Licence Romania with web design and development, operations management and business development services. Digital marketing, media buying and optimisation, affiliate management, CRM, social media management and campaign strategy and execution.  Top-quality creative development and localisations for the gambling industry.

Outsourcing - Online Gambling licence Romania

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